Yellow and blue eye makeup and ombre lips!!!!!!!!!!!

I know you are probably saying to yourself, I’m too dark or those colors won’t look right on me. I was saying the same thing and whenever i want to change my look. I think of makeup as paint and my face is a canvas, I’m a masterpiece of art in the making.

The things you will need to achieve this look:

  1. blue lipstick (I’m using Nicki k navy blue)
  2. highlighter (use bhcosmetic contouring palette )
  3. yellow eyeshadow(use bhcosmetic 120 color palette)
  4. aztec and dark blue (beauty supply store palette)
  5. yellow shimmer eyeshadow (bhcosmetics pop art palette)
  6. 2 shades of  L.A Girl Pro Concealer ( one shade lighter and one shade darker  than your skin tone.
  7. Nicki K Primer or any pore eraser of your choice
  8. L.A Girl Pro Powder HD setting powder
  9. Ruby Kisses Mineral Powder in Mocha
  10. Ruby Kisses No More Blemish liquid foundation in caramel (semi-matte finish)
  11. Ruby Kisses black liquid eyeliner
  12. Nicki K Power Lash volumizing mascara
  13. tape(scotch tape)

First clean and moisturizer your face, apply  primer all over where your pores shows the most (nose, chin, cheek and forehead area).

Define your eyebrows (click link for eyebrow tutorial)

  • Apply light shade of concealer on your eyelid, under your eyelid, above your lips( if the skin is darker above your lips), your chin, and whereever you may have dark spots, you want to cover up. Use a beauty blender sponge or blending brush, blend the concealer. Avoid waiting because concealer can dry up quickly.
  • Apply and blend liquid foundation
  • Apply and blend mineral powder
  • repeat step one but only use it under your eyelid, bridge of your nose, make a tree on your forehead , above your lip,and on your chin(contouring using concealer) or you can use bhcosmetics forever nude scuplt and glow palette. (click the link to learn how to contour using concealer and/or using bh cosmetic contouring palette).
  • Use a base color on your whole eyelid, I use a nuetral color closest to my skin color, you can use concealer, paint pot, and e.t.c.
  • Use yellow eyeshadow from bh cosmetics, use small taper brush or blending brush, apply the color over the lower eyelid. Make sure to put more color close to the corner of your eye and less on the outer part of your eye.
  • Use that same brush and pat the yellow shimmer from Bh cosmetics pop art palette in the corners of your eyes.
  • Take an angle brush blend in the aztec blue in a triangle motion, lightly sweep the color to the center of the eye
  • Line the tape up on the bottom of your eyelid
  • Use the same angle brush , apply navy blue to the outer corner of your eyes , above the tape area
  • Draw a cateye using liquid eyeliner ( click link of cat eye tutorial)
  • Apply on lashes, lightly use mascara once they dried
  • Apply blush to the apple of your cheeks
  • Use highlighter on the highest point of your cheek , under your eyebrows, bridge of your nose, forehead , middle of lips, and chin.
  • Apply blue lipstick 2 inches from the corner of each side of your mouth
  • Take yellow shimmer eyeshadow dab it on the center of your mouth, puckering your lips (Tip: you can turn any lipstick matte by dabbing eyeshadow over it) and apply your favorite lip gloss
  •  Dab blending face brush into pro setting powder apply it under eyes, forehead, bridge of nose, chin , then blend out.







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