Online Dating:4 simple mistake men and women make


Online dating is one of simplest and discrete ways of meeting someone, especially if you have demanding careers and/or busy with raising your family. Online dating was another option to  meet people. As technology evolve, online dating is at a new high, and it seems like its only option of interacting with the opposite and same-sex.

The 4 mistakes we make when it comes to online dating 

  1. Being dishonest about what are your true intentions:  For instance, you created a profile and you indicated looking for a long-term relationship, but you really looking for a casual encounter. Your perception is, if you tell them you only looking for sex; you will be dismissed.This is how you will meet potential  stalkers, and have chaotic situations;because you wasn’t being honest. You never know, there are millions people looking for same thing. You have to be open-minded and honest to meet the people you desire and avoid what you not looking for.
  2. Not paying attention to the potential signs of a catfish profile: When you meet someone online, they should be a  grace period for the initial meet and greet. One of the warning signs are the tons of excuses why they can’t meet. It is always a death in the family, they just found out they have cancer, they was in some car crash, or they work a lot. Yes, the situations happen to normal people everyday, not someone  that catfishes. One of the most common signs are when they don’t want to video chat. We live in a world run by technology, so there is no reason why you can meet and greet online. A high percentage of catfishing profile are long distance online relationships. Because it’s easier for the catfish to manipulate and dominate the online relationship. You are being catfish, if you are in relations with someone you never met offline, texting is the only form of communication you had with them for month or years, and you don’t need a tv show to help realize that. One of bad things of online dating, anyone can be whoever they want to be behind a keyboard. Its creation of character and they sole purpose to  bring it to life. I know we hear it all the time, they suffer from a lack of self-esteem,love, and confidence. There are millions of people with self-issues and had horrible upbringing;they not catfishing. It’s no excuse to manipulate,mistrust, or break someone’s heart for their own personal gain.
  3. Introducing your children to someone you met online: Did it ever come to mind, he or she may be a potential killer or pedophile? Don’t think because they are amazing attractive, and/or match the criteria of your ideal mate.They aren’t a danger to you or your family. Predators don’t have a face or selection pool on who they prey on. Safety, intutition, and mindfulness are the weapons you have to protect you and your family from these cyber predators. When you meet someone online, its like the lotto. Anyone can be  randomly can be picked and tossed. Don’t plan anything, and enjoy the process of dating. You must learn how to separate your family life from your dating life. It protects everyone involve
  4. Posting half-naked pictures on dating sites: If you looking for a partner or searching for more than casual dating online. Your pictures can tell a whole story or least a mirror image of it. Pictures are your best representation of you,  represent what you want to attract. If you looking for someone to take you seriously, value your assets, and treat you with respect;don’t post half-naked  pictures on dating sites. Your pictures are the face of your representative, and people will react to what they see not know. There is nothing wrong of expressing how you feel about yourself to the world through the camera. Be mindful, they don’t see your intentions or the reason behind the pictures. Remember, this is the internet and millions of people are watching  your pictures through the thoughts of many of eyes.



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