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Welcome to Fashion, Make-up and I Blog

I was born and raised in New York City, graduate with a degree in Accounting. I worked in the corporate sector for little over 10 years. Even though, I thought what I went to school was what I wanted to do but realize it wasn’t my passion. I was stuck in a profession I hated. After being laid off during the recession, finding work was like finding a needle in a haystack. Eventually, i found work through a temp agency working administrative/clerical assignment all over the city. I knew i always wanted to be my own boss and I’ve been trained to do so.

One day me and my cousin was talking and I told her I want to open up   a boutique. A boutique that cater to women of all sizes , fashionable, affordable clothes and accessories. Fashion, Make-up, & Me was born, but making this dream into a reality was much harder than I anticipated.After months of research, trying to figure out how I was going make this happen. I was able to get enough inventory to put products out there to see if it will sell, it didn’t. I still didn’t give up, so i went to vending events around the city and was able to sell my products. My goal is to be successfully dominate the boutique market online, and open up the boutique in NYC. I have so many plans for the boutique, i want to be able to sell custom pieces from upcoming designers to my customers. I want to host fashion shows to raise money for local charities, and be able provide prom and graduations dresses for families in domestic violence shelters across the city. The ultimate goal is to be successful but also give back to the community I live and work in.

I’ve always wanted to start-up a blog, but the timing was never right and finding the right content was important. There are thousand of fashion blogs that are blogging about the same things. It took some time to figure out how can this blog be different. I know I want to blog about my first love; fashion of course. Fashion, Makeup, and Me Boutique is my baby in the making and I decided to apply all the things I love the most and make a business of it. I have worked in the corporate sector for years, making these companies millions of dollars. Now, I want to make my own millions by doing what i love.

My goal for this blog is to invite the world to see my thoughts of the fashion and entertainment industries. I want to share all my vices and tips I’ve learned over the years. I want to embellish on the important factors of looking good, and one of them you have to feel good. I want to be help others, as well as myself to make inner us more beautiful than the outer part of us. I have some creative projects , vision boards, fashion and make-up journals, and introducing Confession Of A Diva on here.

Fashion, Make-up, and I doesn’t revolves around fashion, only. It revolves around the everyday women and the lessons and hack we learn on the way. I will be blogging about everything surrounding around motherhood to  finances. This is a place where you can come learn from each other and share your ideas, opinions, and suggestions respectively. Thank you for stopping by and please comment below.

Have a blessed day!


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