My many makeovers

Whenever I beat the hell out my face, I look different majority of the time. I believe make up is supposed to enhance the beauty you have; not change it. When I was learning how to use makeup, YouTube tutorials taught me everything I know to date. As I realize, we spend millions of dollars per year on makeup. Is it because we truly can’t accept and love the what we see everyday in the mirror? Has society have us convinced, our natural beauty isn’t acceptable in today’s society? We have become so superficial and materialistic in this day and age. We rather alter our outer beauty so we can fit in with false idols that dominate the world; we exist in. It’s an addiction, no different from drug or alcohol addiction. I know i don’t need but I want to need it. You convince yourself, you feel more beautiful with makeup on, you are more noticeable with it on, and you don’t like how you look without it on. I rarely have pics without makeup on, but the ones I do I post are online. I wanted to overcome the fear of people noticing me naturally and learning to appreciate my outer beauty. I can see and understand the pros and cons around makeovers. The fact you can make someone else feel vibrant, beautiful, confident, and sexy, is one of the greatest rewards ย to experience and knowing your hands had something to do with it. We are artists and the faces are ย canvases, it becomes a masterpiece of art. However, we can possibly become obsessed with altering our looks with makeup and deceiving ย others with the perception of what we wish we look like.